Center Perspective [Russia]

was established in Moscow in 1998 by Russian citizens as an autonomous charitable non-profit organization to support the most vulnerable sector of society, help resolve the acute social problems, and develop new social structures of civil society in Russia.

Center Perspective was founded in Moscow in 1998 and became the partner of Perspective Russia e.V., Germany. In cooperation with Perspektive Russland e.V, they deliver support by providing funding to social organizations in Russia.
In 2002, the chairwoman of the center, Anne Hofinga, together with the Russian state prison management founded the first rehabilitation center for imprisoned girls. The idea proved to be successful. Today, such centers operate in every youth penal colony and in most women’s penal system.
In 2011, Anne Hofinga founded the “Petersburg Dialogue German-Russian Social Forum”, a gathering for professional advanced training and professional exchange between people who are practicing the social sphere.
Due to the good reception of the Petersburg Dialogue to government political proposals, the Social Forum results are being cited regularly at the government level, particularly in Russia.
Perspective Russland e.V. (Frankfurt) and Center Perspective (Moscow) are functioning as the offices in-charge for the Social Forum in Germany and Russia.

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