MUHIL [India]

is an acronym for MOVEMENT FOR UNIVERSAL HEALTH INTEGRATION & LIBERATION. “Muhil” in Tamil means “clouds”, which bears good news for farming families of rain-fed farmlands.

MUHIL volunteers spread themselves out in the suburban villages around the city of Madurai in South India, in search of the sick and suffering people who were left out of medical care.
Living in good health is a fundamental right. Millions of people all over the world are denied access to reliable medical care – causing a social predicament of ‘medical famine’.
Many areas and societies are outside the reach of organized Health Delivery System in many countries of the world. The call of the United Nations Organization: “HEALTH FOR ALL BY 2000” in 1990 inspired a woman physician and challenged a small group of volunteers in South India to initiate MUHIL in 1992.
In less than five years, MUHIL had become a popular family word among the people of 80 villages of Tirumangalam Taluk. Many thousands of families had been reached by the medical team.
MUHIL’s activities include the NGO “The Downtrodden and Poor People Charitable Medical, Educational and Welfare Trust” (1994), Muhil Gardens, Muhil Health Centre, Karmuhil Organic and Biodynamic Farms, a Rural Community College offering Diploma Courses, and the Karmuhil Producer Company Limited, which produces amongst other products essential oils extracted from their garden and farms.

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