nyendo Lernen

[Germany – Africa]

was founded to develop student projects into social enterprises and builds a connection between student entrepreneurs from Germany and partner schools from Africa.

nyendo Lernen helps young people realize their own projects, generate profit, and do good things with them. All the proceeds earned by German student-founded companies go to a partner school in Africa.
During the process, students gain economic knowledge, entrepreneurial know-how, and learn to think globally, whilst helping fellow students in another corner of the globe.
The nyendo team offers courses in social entrepreneurship and development coorperation in schools – supporting the students to build their companies.
Their objective is to build at least 100 partnerships between schools in developed and developing countries.
Their wish is to develop student-led solutions to problems such as the causes of migration and poverty.

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Rüttiweg 45, CH 4143-Dornach

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T: +41 61 706 43 24
E: contact@wsif.org


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