Perspektive Russland e.V [Russia]

is a social NGO working with its local partners in providing help to individuals and offering made-to-measure support for social initiatives in Russia and other states of the former Soviet Union.

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Perspektive Russland e.V., formerly known as Russlandhilfe e.V., is successfully engaged in promoting new initiatives of social development in Russia and other states of the former Soviet Union since 1989. “ It was founded in Frankfurt/Main by Anne Hofinga with the benevolent support of Astrid and Sergej Prokofieff.
During the chaotic 1990s, the organization was able to supply around 60,000 poor Russians annually with clothes and other desperately needed goods from Germany.
Since then, the NGOs activity has steadily been evolving, striving to contribute to the development of a humane and inclusive social practice.
Furthermore, the organization is eager to do their bit in deepening German-Russian exchange and understanding within the social sphere and beyond.

Three Major Pillars

||| Support for long-term projects in the fields of special education, care for elderly people, and prevention of poverty.
||| Give emergency aid to individuals or families.
||| Promote practical through congresses and similar events, as well as theoretical training in all fields of applied social work.
In recent years, Perspektive Russland launched the German-Russian Social Forum together with the members of the “Petersburg Dialogue” and strategic partner in Russia, the “Centre Perspektiva”.
Within this context, they were able to organize a ground-breaking conference on the implementation of the UN-Disability-Charter in Russia under the title “Challenge Inclusion?” in 2013.
In 2018, a large congress on “Children in Psychical Need” took place in November. The conference was aimed at shedding light on the psychological effects of trauma during infancy and youth, and the prospect of their healing through the modern method of “Trauma Pedagogy”.
Broadly speaking, their over-all work is the ongoing effort of giving a positive life perspective to people who suffer from social marginalization or dire straits.

Aid for homeless people in St. Petersburg

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