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enables children and teenagers who have been affected by war conflicts, natural disasters, and/or forced migration to grow and develop in peaceful societies.

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stART International e.V. Emergency Aid For Children was founded by a team of pedagogues and therapists who worked with children and teenagers affected by the war between Lebanon and Israel in 2006. It was officially registered as an NGO in 2009.
Since 2006, it ran more than 100 missions in conflict zones around the world – providing pedagogical and therapeutical emergency aid abroad for children and teenagers having suffered from war or natural disasters.
They support them by strengthening their resilience and offering open access to trauma-therapeutic treatment. They also work on training local teachers, kindergarten teachers or psychologists in relevant fields of work and approach.


Their team is made up of highly-skilled professional pedagogues and therapists, with experience in at least one artistic field, who continuously undergo further training such as traima conselling and resilience strengthening in emergency situations.
Most of the team work on a volunteer basis, donating their skills during their work holidays and in between part-time jobs.
stART also develops pedagogical and therapeutic support for the integration of refugee children and families in Germany and Europe, training volunteers and professionals alike.
Their long-term education projects abroad seek to support the worldwide propagation of child-oriented upbringing and education.

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