Vulamasango Open Gates [South Africa]

meaning “Open Gates” in Xhosa, is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) that opens its doors to orphaned and vulnerable children from the townships in Cape Town, providing them with a new home and a brighter future.

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Vulamasango, which is aided by its German fundraising entity Positiv Leben e. V., is a Child and Youth Care Facility with a residential component for children whose parents passed away or, for whatever reason, are not able to provide for and look after their children anymore.
Vulamasango provides their community with:
||| Residential Care Facilities that provide living arrangements, schooling, and apprenticeships for children aged 0-18 regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religious, and cultural affiliation. It is a stated goal to also admit children who are HIV positive.
||| After School Caring for external children who have often lost at least one or even both parents due to HIV/AIDS, alcohol abuse or violent crimes, but still live with their mothers, relatives, or neighbors.
||| Crèche (pre-school) for external children based on Waldorf Pedagogy for external children and those living in Vulamasango’s Care Facilities.
||| Biodynamic Agriculture for its therapeutic value in bringing the youth to connect with nature through working in the vegetable gardens. This creates a conscious attitude towards nature and responsibility for one’s surroundings. The gardens help towards sustainability of Vulamasango. This also provides an opportunity for some youth to participate in apprenticeships in organic farming after completion of their secondary education.

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