Report of the Iberoamericano Waldorf Congress in Ribeirao Preto Brasil

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Text: Andrea dela Cruz [ES]

During the XI Iberoamerican Waldorf Congress in Riberao Preto/Brazil 5oo teachers from Latin America including   many Latin-American social initiatives were present. Thankls to the initiative of Monteazul Association accounted for a play to show the reality of the favelas or slums. Monte Azul  along with initiatives from Argentina, Peru and Colombia,  presented a play, written by  Ute Craemer, which showed  the reality of the favelas and the transformation of prejudices  in light of the 9th conference  “ Allgemeine Menschenkunde” of Rudolf Steiner. They took some of the text phrases such as:

  • As we form fixed concepts.  we act in the child’s body “
  • “Imagine that you form concepts, and these concepts are dead. They contaminate the child with dead concepts. How should be the concept that the educator offers to the cjhild? It must be alive … man must live, and so the concept must be “alive”.
  • You ruin the child’s soul if you inculcate in it ready conclusions., pre-conceptions

This work resulted in a huge impact and reflection regarding the favelas and the social question. The aim was to convey a picture without prejudices about the people living in the favelas.

Bedsides the play were offered several workshops about the social question, non-violent communication, the Brazilian folk soul, basic resilience school for disadvantaged children etc.

One evening representatives of the social initiatives joined to speak about the idea of   Social Initiative Forums in South America and other parts of the world including Goetheanum.

  1. Pro – Humanos: Betina – – (Perú)
  2. Asociación Civil Educadora Sin Fines de Lucro-Instituto Superior de Formación Docente PERITO MORENO / profesoradoperitomoreno (AT) : Ana María, Alejandro, Paula, Hector.  (Argentina)
  3. Ossvald Florian,  Pedagogical Section at Goetheanum;who gave the closing conferencese congress,  He was very interested in being part of this idea.
  4. Barbara Fonseca (Brasil)
  5. Alianza por la Infancia y Asociación Comunitaria Monte Azul: Ute Craemer
  6. Ces Waldorf Sierra Morena: Mariceli

Some of the ideas that emerged during this meeting were:


  1. How to make this union between  pedagogy and sociology?
  2.  How the Social Forum can help us on the path to search and build  Latin American identity
  3. How to draw the attention of the community to direct money to  anthroposophical social initiatives?
  4. What can we as anthoposophist  do in  each country in terms of brotherhood?
  5. Waldorf education has wonderful pedagogical  tools fot the whole humanity.How do we carry these tools to children who can not pay for it?
  6. It was suggested that one person from each country should  participate in forums in other countries, as a representative of his country.

We wish to  recognize  American wounds (from the past) and contribution to the world. ( present and future)Finally we left the door open to continue this path of social awareness  and work for the Social Initiative Forum in Bogota 2013 awaiting more details from CES in Bogota.

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