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2021 UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development

From 17th to 19th of May 2021, WSIF will join its partners Camphill Community Trust Botswana, Eurasia Learning Institute for Happiness and Well-Being, Camphill Academy,…

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I am Maaianne Knuth

My story bridges Europe and Africa  – in an arc that travels from Copenhagen, where I studied international business to Zimbabwe, where I co-founded Kufunda…

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Enlivening Dialogues Online

The World Social Initiative Forum launched its Online Workshops last March 26 via Zoom. 85 participants from 15 countries attended the first of 4 Web-Seminars…

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Brick by Brick for a 3Fold Hub (US)

Support our friends from Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost and 3fold Cultural Hub finish this community cultural center in Chicago that hosts art classes, singing circles, and…

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Nurturing Soil and Water in Rishing (Nepal)

Holy Green Agro Farm founder Mahendra Kumar Shrestha shares how organic and biodynamic agriculture heal their community’s water and soil, while empowering the indigenous people of…

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No Child Left Behind (US)

Sunbridge International Collaborative founder Bart Eddy promotes Right Livelihood through craftwork, creative economy, and the arts – opening possibilities to young people in Detroit where ‘no child…

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Life and Death

Human nature is a potentiality, manifesting now as one state, now as another. As such, the essential unity of human nature is ‘a simple nature,…

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Masks for Monte Azul & Support to Families in the Favelas

Help our partner organization Associação Comunitária Monte Azul [BR] provide basic goods to families living in the favelas who are economically affected by the COVID-19…

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I am Kait Ziegler

Born in 1987 in South Korea, I am based in Los Angeles and work as a National Social Justice Organizer for the Poor People’s Campaign:…

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CHALLENGING TIMES: An Artistic Pandemic

By participating in the project, the time of lockdown will not be remembered as lost time or a time of powerlessness, but as a time…

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