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Text: Dottie Zold & Frank Agrama | Photo: Elderberries 3fold Café [US]

As we take strides into the future (post-COVID), we at Elderberries 3fold Café are seeking for a way to build a new society. We are holding the question of what is trying to unfold. We are also looking in from the outside, at the same time, watching our world change from the inside-out.

Seeing how the pandemic shatters the global economy, we ask ourselves: how can we bring about a transformation in our economic systems?  We studied Steiner’s research on fundamental social questions of egoism and economy as our attempt to answer this question.

Together | © Elderberries 3fold Café [US]

We found out that greed is inevitable so long as we are in a system that invites us merely to work towards serving our own needs and wants, as opposed to serving the needs of others besides ourselves.

So is the society we are living in. Or so it seems.  

A tenderizing has befallen us since the pandemic began.  Are we starting to feel ourselves a part of a greater whole? If we continue to believe that the greed of humanity can not be overcome, then how do we come to understand what is coming to life since the killing of George Floyd? 

What is living within people who are gathering and demonstrating?  Is it just egoistic greed? 

There is a creative power of pure will present in the streaming of spirit in marching masses worldwide. It is a palpable force, pouring through our stagnant socio-economic structures as well. 

When the light begins to gleam and reveal something not visible before, we are waking up to the flame.  This is the ground of our humanity – at a time when we find ourselves feeling untethered by those economically-oriented routine arrangements that compromise our ideals.

People are not marching down the streets for themselves. They march alongside their brothers and sisters out their own sense of what is right.  Through this, we can see what is possible when our interconnected humanity finds clarity of purpose.  These agonizing ills of society are helping us to wake up the spirit, which is deeply sleeping within us. But must we depend on ignorance to give love its platform? 

We must take this time and struggle to bear a deeper sense of imagination of how to become more human. It is yet to be seen what can really be possible when this stirring of souls towards justice unfolds its sense for truth.  

This is a plea for inspiration – in its most soul-filling essence.

We are partnering with the Chi Nation Youth of the American Indian Center and southern Chicago to collaborate on the healing of our city and our people through deepening our understanding of each other. We will be sharing our biodynamic compost to the community garden as well – an act of co-working and friendship in itself. 

This is our dream that we are turning into reality– making new friends who need our support and whose support we need for something new to be birthed within. 

Now more than ever, we experience the feeling that ‘this is why we are born at this particular moment’. Here and now, amidst the pandemic. As Rudolf Steiner said in one of his lectures, there is something on earth that is yearning to be born.

This is our time to participate in this rebirth. 

How We Will Forum: 27th-30th August 2020


About the Pioneers Dottie Zold and Frank Agrama are the carriers of Elderberries 3fold Café, Have Seeds House, and Alliance Aliant. For more information on “How We Will Forum”, click here.


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