stART & Emerson College launch a 5-module Program on Uprightness (UK)

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Starting September 2021, stART and Emerson College will spearhead a 5-module interdisciplinary development training for cultivating resilience and creative response to trauma.

Text and Poster by stART and Emerson College

Humanity is undergoing a global crisis. We are confronted with many challenges: a global pandemic with consequences for nearly every person on our planet, increasingly observable consequences of a growing climate disaster, an expanding polarization within societies. This situation and its strong implications for everybody’s daily life are stressful and can easily become overwhelming, for children as well as for adults of all ages.

How can we find the strength and inner balance to live up to the challenges we are facing?

Not only individuals but also professional groups such as educators, teachers, social workers, nurses, therapists are confronted with this question: in regard to themselves and to the people they are supporting.

How can we approach this question and the new tasks related to it in our professional and private lives with courage, empathy, and creativity?

The 5-module course “Uprightness” is a professional development program that works on the new demands that life today places on professionals supporting children or adults from the following points of view:

  • Trauma/toxic stress
  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Social Agility
  • Inner Balance

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