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Enlivening Social Life: Solidarity in the Time of COVID-19  A message from the Goetheanum Leadership about new forms of connecting amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spring in Dornach | © Nicole Asis

Dear Friends and Colleagues of the Social Initiative Forum,

The spread of the Coronavirus and the drastic measures taken by many countries because of it have created an extraordinary social situation. At the moment, we are all busy implementing and coping with the changes – in families, at our workplaces, and more than ever, within social and caring institutions and contexts.

The task of caring for others in need, while at the same time protecting oneself, creates a heightened challenge. The world situation calls for solidarity from everyone, while also maintaining the greatest possible sense of personal responsibility and equilibrium.

In these changing times, the recognition that each living entity holds a spiritual core interconnected with a universal divinity can give us the courage to actively participate in “willingly uniting with the world in love”, more conscious and intentional than usual.
The inner call consists of not letting “the beat of heart and lungs following the rhythms of time” come to a standstill. This asks us, as best we can, to practice spirit-mindfulness in our lives and in every interaction, with other human beings, with the natural environment, and in every deed and action. Not for us, but for the world.
Drawing from an abundant inner strength, this may bring new resilience to ourselves and the earth, based on an attitude of courage, openness, and collaboration, which may selflessly be guided by an inner vision – each person in their place and all together as the world community that we are.
From the Goetheanum Leadership

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