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2011 836 World Social Initiative Forum

The World Social Initiative Forum launched its Online Workshops last March 26 via Zoom. 85 participants from 15 countries attended the first of 4 Web-Seminars – conceptualized with and facilitated by Aonghus Gordon of Ruskin Mill Trust UK. The WSIF Quarterly Network Meetings also started, with 20 partners joining the global dialogue.

Article by Nicole Asis (World Social Initiative Forum) | Video Recording: Aonghus Gordon’s Keynote Lecture

WSIF Online Workshops 2021: Monthly Online Interactive Web-Seminars from March to June 2021

The first WSIF Online Workshop took place last March 26 via Zoom with the theme “Finding the Spirit of Place for Integrated Cultural Development”. 

Workshop facilitator Aonghus Gordon showed how studying the genus loci of one’s place of work can be a tool for cultural understanding, integration, and societal transformation. He cited several examples from his experience at Ruskin Mill Trust, where they integrate a Goetheanistic approach into their practice – studying the physical, etheric, astral, and I of their workspaces and the local community.

The 2-hour workshop was made interactive, as 85 participants went through a process of studying their respective localities according to Rudolf Steiner’s fourfold image of the human being. There were also group discussions in break-out rooms and reflections shared in the plenum that built an engaging shared space. 

The next online workshop will take place on April 30, Friday, at 14:00 CET via Zoom. Cecilia Adasme from Columbia will guide the discussion on “Societal Change – What does it really mean?”.

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Goetheanum © Janne Bierens

For Network Members: Quarterly WSIF Online Meeting 

Over 20 WSIF Network Members joined the second Online Meeting last March 19. Mahendra Kumar Shrestha from Holy Green Agro Farm, Nepal and Bart Eddy from Sunbridge International Collaborative, US shared how they are changing their local community through organic-biodynamic farming and social entrepreneurship programs for the youth, respectively.

This interactive meeting also had break-out rooms for in-depth discussions among members, as well as an opportunity to get to know each other better.

The WSIF Charter draft was also presented, as the statutes will be developed further for and with the WSIF Network Members in equal partnership and co-creating.

For network meetings and membership, contact Milena Kowarik at worldsocialinitiativeforum@gmail.com. Translations in German and Spanish are possible upon request. 


About the Contributor Nicole Asis is studying Anthroposophic Music Therapy at a t k a – Studiengang Orpheus Musiktherapie in Lucerne. She is currently responsible for Public Relations and Fundraising at the World Social Initiative Forum and also a member of the Goetheanum Studies Alumni Team.


About Aonghus Gordon and Ruskin Mill Trust: Ruskin Mill Trust UK

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